Large Intelligent Service Robot

  • New life
  • New service
  • New intelligence

The first large intelligent service robot from ROOBO’s independent innovation

It has functions including voice dialogue, facial recognition, media playback, positioning and navigation, etc. With a strong AI engine and cloud service ability, it can be used in airports, banks, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places to provide a rich set of services including advice, publicity, guidance, etc.

Positioning and Navigation

Based on the SLAM technology that integrates multiple sensors (laser radar, UWB, ultrasonic radar), Farnese positions itself automatically and plans its path according to instruction; it can also avoid obstacles, and offers position guidance.

Intelligent voice dialogue

Integrating the mature ROOBO noise reduction, voice recognition, and semantic understanding technologies, it answers any questions smoothly and can be set with custom Q&As according to actual needs.

Accurate facial recognition

After a simple training, Farnese can achieve facial recognition easily based on its cloud computing ability. In addition, it not only provides proactive services, but also identifies specific users to provide targeted services.

Media Playback

Through high-definition video
and high-fidelity audio, it
perfectly conveys product
or service information.


4 + 1 Microphone Array

Eyewear Lamps

HD Camera

HD Touch Screen

ON/OFF Switch

Industrial Lidar

Obstacle-avoidance Ultrasonic Radar

Emergency Brake Button

High Simulation Speaker

Servo Chassis